Extended Lodging Program
Georgia Tech's Extended Lodging Program

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Sequence of Events

Sequence of events from inquiry to check-out

  1. Department logs in with Georgia Tech username and password

  2. Department completes online application, agrees to terms and conditions and provides billing information (Peoplesoft #'s)

  3. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is generated electronically and sent to GT Conference Services for approval

  4. Upon approval, department is notified of lodging assignment/number of beds reserved and E-signs MOU

  5. Department makes arrangements with BuzzCard Office to provide cards to all attendees. Also, notifies Conference Services of any temporary guest access cards that are required (will incur a $30 per card charge, if not returned to Conference Services by checkout)

  6. Department provides a confirmed roster of student guests at least 10 working days prior to student guests' arrival. The count serves as the guaranteed number of student guests, used by Conference Services to charge PeopleSoft number(s)

  7. Student guest(s) checks in, receives lodging key(s), receives Internet log-in and welcome packet, and completes room inspection sheet (if applicable)

  8. Student guest(s) cleans lodging space, checks out upon room inspection, provides keys and card back to GT Conference Services and completes evaluation

  9. Any additional charges such as damages, lost key/card fees, and additional lodging nights will be billed to the Department at the conclusion of the program